Interior Design
College of Design

Portfolio Review

Portfolio review is a way to evaluate a student's design ability and knowledge of design concepts based on work from the foundation level courses.  Portfolio review assures that students have acquired an understanding of essential design knowledge and are prepared to move on to more advanced coursework.


Design is a competitive and demanding professional discipline.  Future professionals need to gain experience in presenting their work to others and in having their work reviewed.

To participate in portfolio review, a student must be a Pre-Interior Design major in the College of Design with a minimum grade of C- in required courses and an overall GPA of at least 2.50.  The following courses must also be completed or in progress:

  • Des (DHA) 1101: Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Des (DHA) 1311: Foundations I: Drawing & Design in Two and Three Dimensions
  • Des (DHA) 1312: Foundations II: Color Design in Two and Three Dimensions
  • IDes (DHA) 1601: Interior Design Studio I
  • IDes (DHA) 1602: Interior Design Studio II


Positive assessment of portfolio work determines a student's acceptance into the program.  GPA alone does not guarantee acceptance into the Interior Design Program; the quality of work as evidenced in the projects is the more important factor.


Students qualified to participate in portfolio review will receive an e-mail with the portfolio review application and instructions.