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Vibrant, Metropolitan Design Community

Minneapolis/St. Paul is an impressive design center. The arts and design community—ranging from fine arts, to world renowned graphic design and advertising professionals, and architecture and design professionals, we have it all! In addition to recognized artists, practitioners, scholars, and educators the institutions and organizations that support them are diverse, plentiful, innovative, well-supported, and appreciated by the public. From the Goldstein Museum of Design on the St. Paul Campus to the Weisman Art Museum on the East Bank Campus at the University of Minnesota to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts or the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, our students are steeped in art, design, culture, and historical perspectives—and inspired by seasonal gallery walks around the Twin Cities as well as interior design and architecture tours sponsored year-round by interior design and architecture organizations. The natural and built environment of this growing metropolitan area in a state known for its environmental stewardship is host to impressive designed environments that feed aesthetic appetites, sustainability goals, and students’ needs to experience interactions with amazing environments and the innovative designers who created them!


Profiles of Alumni and Community Advisors

The Twin Cities, a mecca of art, design, and architecture is home to a large design community. Many University of Minnesota alumni stay in Minnesota as they are energized by the collaborative nature of the vibrant design community, the ability to design and build spaces that incorporate innovative systems and materials, and commitment to stewardship of our natural environment through sustainable design approaches. In addition to those designers who choose to never leave Minnesota, there are many who come from other communities—both national and international who are drawn to Minnesota, and the Twin Cities in particular to engage in this vibrant design community. Together with the university’s alumni, they form a diverse, committed collaborative of professional practitioners who generously give of their financial support, time, talents, insights, and experience to our interior design students. Here are just a few of them.


Internship Experiences

Interior design students gain skills, network with professionals, and clarify their career goals during their internships. Internships typically last for one academic semester or a summer session. Geographically, students have completed internships in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Boston, Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, and other major cities in the United States as well as international locations such as London. The interior design program coursework and faculty guidance prepare students to seek and apply for successful internship experiences in the design industry. In return, the internship experience enables students to enrich their classroom learning via time with engaged mentors.


Interior Design Advisory Board

Accomplished interior designers, architects, and public members are active participants on the Interior Design Program’s Advisory Board. They interact with students, faculty, and one another to achieve the program’s goals and give generously to the program as guest lecturers, studio project critics, student mentors, and advisors to the faculty.


Design Community

No matter the focus of your interests, interior design students in our program have a substantial and diverse list of options for engaging in their future profession. Get involved with the design organizations who support the design professionals, educators, and future practitioners—YOU! Here is a listing of organizations that have representation in Minnesota, making it easy for you to get involved in the local design community. They all encourage students to participate and offer student memberships and meeting fees at reduced rates. Check them out!




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